Type Player2

Megjelent a Type Player2, melyben Major Lajos munkái mellett, volt hallgatóink munkái is helyet kaptak.

Johanna Hullár

Contact: johannahullar@gmail.com

Website: www.johannahullar.com
Project name: inside-out

Concept: Take your clothes off, put your life on the street, let everybody in, your life is in-side-out.

[s=eee] is a self organizing group of artists and students working with the frontier of photography and typography. Originally based at the University of Kaposvar, Hungary, led by Lajos Major. By now it is international, with the activity of creative people from France, Denmark, United States and Iceland.

Lajos Major

Project name: _a_U_s_t_
Concept: Letter juggling theater‚ where the actor, like a seal, balances letters on the tip of the nose. Telling us stories by creating different words using the characters.

(In cooperation with Dorottya Vékony.)

Project name: _b_e_U_u_
Concept: Letter-Fetish project, where we were using Fraktur and Grotesque letters made of paper. The best way to learn the alphabet is by aggressive osmosis.

(In cooperation with Dorottya Vékony.)